Building Name

Alterations and Extensions “Albion Inn” 74 City Road/ Welcomb Street Hulme

City Road
Hulme, Manchester
GMCA, England
Peter Walker and Sons (Warrington and Burton) Ltd.
Additions and Alterations

One of two public houses named “Albion” on City Road., the inn served a densely populated area of mainly private rented dwellings close to Gaythorn and Knott Mill. Built well before the introduction of building bye-laws, the district contained some of the earliest and worst dwellings in the city. Once the district had been served by 96 pubs but by 1933 this had been reduced to fourteen. Under powers granted under the 1930 Housing Act, Manchester Corporation declared twenty-seven acres bounded by City Road, Wilmott Street, Clarendon Street, and Great Jackson Street to be “Hulme Clearance Area No. 1.” and scheduled for completed demolition. Following the clearances of 1934, the Albion was one of only six pubs remaining, finally closing in 1966.

Reference    Builder 9 March 1928 Page 434
Reference    Bob Potts: The Old Pubs of Hulme and Chorlton-on-Medlock Pg 21, 24