William Edward Potts

Place of Birth

  • Born  : 12 June 1862 at Oldham
  • Marriage  : 1890 to Achsah Emily Jane Longbottom (Birth 1862) daughter of James Longbottom
  • Death : 25 April 1932 (age 69) at Poulton le Fylde, Lancashire

William Edward Potts was born at Oldham on 12 June 1862, the eldest son of Edward Potts and Sarah. He was educated at Arnold House, Blackpool, Chorlton High School, and Owens College, Manchester before becoming a pupil in his father’s office. He remained with his father apart from an eighteen- month period (1886-1888?) in the office of Sir John Sulman in London. However, John Sulman had departed for Australia in 1884 and the practice was being continued by his assistant, Arthur W Hennings with some involvement - possibly financial – by Edward Potts until the 1890s. William Edward Potts time in London may therefore have been spent with Hennings. While in London he attended AA classes and University College London. He passed the qualifying examination in 1888 and was elected ARIBA on 11 June 1888, proposed by J Holden G T Redmayne and J Murgatroyd. Following the departure of F W Dixon to set up on his own account, Edward Potts admitted William Edward, into partnership, the practice continuing under the style of Potts, Son and Pickup until 1898, notwithstanding that George Pickup had died in 1891.

In a reversal of the arrangement with his father, in 1892 Edward Potts entered into partnership with George Herbert Woodhouse under the style Woodhouse and Potts in respect of an office in Bolton, while continuing to maintain his own office in Manchester. When Woodhouse ended the partnership about 1894 Edward Potts continued the Bolton office at 79 St George’s Road under the style of Potts Son and Pickup, with William Edward Potts in charge. About 1901 the Bolton office was absorbed into the main practice of Potts Son and Hennings.

After the death of Edward Potts in 1909 William Edward Potts and Arthur W Hennings continued the practice under the style of Potts and Hennings.

William Henry Potts died of a heart attack on 25 April 1932 He was survived by his widow, three daughters and a son; his elder son was killed in France in 1917

1895 : William E Potts (Potts Son & Pickup) Bolton
1898-1906 : Potts Son and Pickup FRIBA architects and surveyors. 79 St George's Road, Bolton
1909-1930 : Potts & Hennings 34 Victoria Buildings, Victoria Street Manchester
1916 : Potts & Hennings 141 Bradshawgate Bolton

1891 : William E Potts. Sandal Villa, Manley Road, Alexandra Park (Slaters)
1895 : William E Potts 205 Park Road, Bolton (Bolton directory)
1899-1901 : William E Potts “Cushendall.” Chorley New Road, Heaton, Bolton
1903-1912 : William E Potts ARIBA (Potts Son & Hennings) Hardhorn Poulton-le-Fylde
1917-1932 : “Sannox.” Poulton-le-Fylde


Name Designation Formed Dissolved Location
Potts and Hennings Architectural practice 1910 1932 Manchester Bolton
Potts Hennings and Topping Architectural practice 1924 1932 Bolton
Potts Son and Hennings Architectural practice 1898 1909 Manchester
Potts Son and Hodgson Architectural practice 1895 1897 Lille France
Potts Son and Pickup Architectural practice 1890 1898 Manchester
Potts Son and Hennings (London) Architectural practice 1891 1898 London
Woodhouse and Potts (II) Architectural practice 1892 1896 Bolton Manchester