Thomas Mayor

Place of Birth

  • Birth date            Manchester or Bury (1901 Census)
  • Death date          25 July 1910 at Manchester
  • Interment           28 July 1910 at St Paul’s Church, Withington

Thomas Mayor was in partnership with George Henry Stelfox c.1863 to 1883 before working alone. His practice was taken over by his sons Charles Kay Mayor and Thomas C Mayor about 1898. In 1903 he was a member of Withington Urban District Council representing Fallowfield Ward (Slater)

Thomas Mayor died on 25 July 1910 from injuries sustained when he was struck by a tram-car in Mauldeth Road.

RETIRED ARCHITECT KILLED – A tramcar fatal accident in Wilmslow Road, Withington, was investigated at the Manchester Coroner’s Court yesterday, when the death was inquired into of Mr Thomas Mayor, aged 83 years, a retired architect, of Mauldeth Road West, Withington. Mr Charles K Mayor, an architect and surveyor, said his father had good health. He could hear well, but was short-sighted; he was not very active on his feet, and walked with the aid of a stick. He heard on Saturday that his father had been knocked down by a tramcar, and saw him at the Royal Infirmary. The witness had him taken to a nursing home where he died on Monday. … The jury returned a verdict of accidental death, and added that in their opinion there had been an error of judgement on the part of the car-driver [Manchester Guardian 28 July 1910 page 2]

1863-1883    Mayor and Stelfox architects & surveyors 41 John Dalton Street (Slater)
1886-1895    Thomas Mayor, architect surveyor, estate agents and valuer. Surveyor to the Openshaw and Gorton Local Boards. 41 John Dalton Street. (Slater)

1871        Gorton (Census)
1881        6 Richmond Grove East, Gorton (Census)
1883-1910    Thomas Mayor, Wycombe Villa, 4, Mauldeth Road West, Fallowfield


Name Designation Formed Dissolved Location
Mayor and Stelfox Architects and Surveyors 1863 1883 Manchester