George Henry Stelfox

Place of Birth


  • Born 1828 at Liverpool
  • Baptism 20 February 1829 at Saint Peter’s, Liverpool
  • Married : 5 March 1854 Sarah Ann Davis at St Stephen, Audenshaw,
  • Died : 27 December 1908 at Liverpool


The son of James Stelfox, farmer, and his wife Mary Eliza Stelfox George Henry Stelfox was born in 1828 at Liverpool. In 1840 the family moved to Hooley Hill, Ashton-under-Lyne. Trained as a land surveyor, about 1863 he entered into partnership with Thomas Mayor with offices at John Dalton Street Manchester and is listed as Surveyor to the Local Boards of Health of Levenshulme in 1883.

1863    Mayor and Stelfox architects & surveyors 41 John Dalton Street (Slater)
1875    Mayor & Stelfox Surveyors and Valuers to the Gorton Openshaw and Bradford local boards, 41 John Dalton Street
1876-9    Mayor and Stelfox architects & surveyors 41 John Dalton Street (Slater)
1883    Mayor and Stelfox, architects surveyors, estate agents and valuers. Surveyors to the Openshaw, Bradford and Gorton Local Boards. Agents: Lancashire Fire & Life Assurance Company. 41 John Dalton Street. (Slater)

1841    Hooley Hill Guide Bridge
1854    George Henry Stelfox, land surveyor Hooley Hill Guide Bridge
1863    George Henry Stelfox, surveyor, 6 Everton Place, Everton Road, Chorlton-on-Medlock
1876    George Henry Stelfox, surveyor, (Mayor and Stelfox) Coston Park, Levenshulme
1881    Windsor Road, Levenshulme
1883    George Henry Stelfox, surveyor, (Mayor and Stelfox) South View Coston Park, Levenshulme
1886    George Henry Stelfox, surveyor, Birch Villas, Coston Park, Levenshulme
1891    Fairclough Lane, Oxton  Wirrall
1901    Promenade Egremont, Wallasey, Cheshire
1908    Ash Lea Oak Hill Park, Liverpool





Name Designation Formed Dissolved Location
Mayor and Stelfox Architects and Surveyors 1863 1883 Manchester